T1 Thermotech Twin +1

T1 Thermotech Twin +1

Futures Fins
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The T1 Thermotech Twin +1 is Future's performance twin-fin designed for the type of small wave, in the pocket surfing that modern twin-fins are becoming known for. Made in Huntington Beach, the Thermotech product line does not have the traditional plastic feel of a composite fin. Instead, they have a consistent flex that creates drive and release through turns. Thermotech fins come with the Futures Truss Base, making them lighter and stronger. The set is equipped with the option to ride with a small trailer fin for increased stability creating more of a thruster feel.


·        Template Category | Neutral (balanced, all-around)

·        Construction | Thermotech

·        Size | Medium Twin +1


Side Fins:            

Area: 19.79

Height: 5.14

Base: 4.80

Foil: FLAT

Center Fin:

Area: 7.90

Height: 3.26

Base: 3.18

Foil: SYMM