Stealth S2 Pinnacle Swim Fins Navy-Sun Gold

Stealth S2 Pinnacle Swim Fins Navy-Sun Gold

Stealth Swim Fins
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S2 is specifically for high performance bodyboarding and is the benchmark in swim fin design. Features include Stealth S2 straight angled blades which brings together the element of maximum power in motion of kicking through the water and the ideal aesthetic for technical style when riding. The angled rails create maximum thrust efficiency and acts as the source of strength and stability throughout the entire fin whilst kicking through the water.  

MAXIMUM POWER: 3 blade rail ridges maximize the transfer of energy from the foot pocket to the blade by evenly dispersing the foot’s kinetic energy, resulting in a more power and comfortable thrust.  

THE MOST COMFORTABLE FIN is crafted with 100% floating Malaysian rubber for optimum power and projection. Secure ankle straps help to keep the fin comfortably fastened to your foot when in use in all surf conditions.  

ASYMMETICRIC FOOT POCKET is ergonomically designed and focuses on sustaining the ideal balance of comfort and security through the entire foot pocket during extended periods of time in all water climates.  

JET VENTS built into the bottom of each fin ensures constant comfort when kicking through the water. The vents prevent the buildup of sand and debris in the foot pocket and allows the flow of water through the Vacuum Jet Vents which increases thrust efficiency.

Size Chart:

X-Small (2.5-4)

Small (4.5-6)

Med-Small (5.5-7.5)

Medium (7-8.5)

Med-Large (9-10.5)

Large (11-12.5)

X-Large (13-14.5)