Fins Stealth Series Large Model Quad Set FCS II Tab Grey - Black

Fins Stealth Series Large Model Quad Set FCS II Tab Grey - Black

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An all round fin set-up by Shapers that is internationally recognised as a ‘go to set-up’ for surfers in the large weight category in between 85-100kgs. The LARGE blends drive, control and release seamlessly and features a slightly more upright rake than the MEDIUM to assist heavier surfers achieve more pivot (tighter turning arc) whilst maintaining speed. Available in Shapers Core-lite series which presents a medium flex pattern making it overall a well balanced fin choice.

Compatible with FCS Style Fin Systems: FCS ll | X-2 | Fusion
Large: 85-100 kgs | 185-220 lbs

Base: 116mm / 4.55"
Depth: 118mm / 4.64"
Sweep: 33 Degree
Foil: Inner Foil Tech
Quad Rear:
Base: 96mm / 3.77”
Depth: 100mm / 3.93”
Sweep: 29 degree
Foil: 80/20

Carbon, Grey and Black NetFlex

STEALTH SERIES: Engineered with carbon fibre through the leading edge whilst keeping the fin tip free to flex (load up). respond, and whipping out of turns. A rotational flex pattern that feels very lively and progressive, helping to generate speed! A popular construction that responds to the way they are surfed. Light, fast, responsive.