5 Fin Stealth Series Pivot Model | FCS Medium Black Swirl | BLEM

5 Fin Stealth Series Pivot Model | FCS Medium Black Swirl | BLEM

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The PIVOT has a distinctively upright template specifically designed to deliver exactly that, pivot (a tight turning arc)! Ideally suited to beach breaks, fast barrels and a vertical surfing attack! The Pivot Series features a smaller centre fin to reduce drag and provide fin release for off the top turns and radical manoeuvres. The Pivot Set Up is purpose built for high performance pocket surfing and fast transitions, allowing you to get into and out of tight turns super fast (great for beachies and barrels). The Pivot’s are also effective in sluggish conditions where a free flowing feel achieved through speed and ease of turning is beneficial.

Compatible with FCS Style Fin Systems: FCS ll | X-2 | Fusion


White & Black


Size: MEDIUM: 60 - 80kgs / 130 - 175lbs
Side Fins
Side Base: 113mm | 4.44"
Side Depth: 116mm | 4.56"
Side Sweep: 31 degrees
Side Foil: I.F.T Inner Foil Technology
Rear Fins
Rear Base: 110mm | 4.33"
Rear Depth: 111mm | 4.37"
Rear Sweep: 31 degrees
Rear Foil: 50/50
Quad Fins
Quad Base: 101mm | 3.98"
Quad Depth: 106mm | 4.17"
Quad Sweep: 33 Degree
Quad Foil: 80/20

STEALTH SERIES: Engineered with carbon fibre through the leading edge whilst keeping the fin tip free to flex (load up). respond, and whipping out of turns. A rotational flex pattern that feels very lively and progressive, helping to generate speed! A popular construction that responds to the way they are surfed.

** Item is in a 6 fin box but does not have the darc fin so listing product as a 5 fin set. 
Item has color blemish, and this blemish will not affect the performance of the item. In addition, white color tone has yellowing blemish which does not affect the performance of the fin.**