9' Performance Series Knee Longboard Leash Red

9' Performance Series Knee Longboard Leash Red

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9 FT / LONGBOARD LEASH: 9FT x 7MM - 9/32”
Colour: Red

Shapers Leashes are manufactured using premium materials & advanced engineering to deliver superior strength, flex memory, swivel rotation, comfort & overall durability. Shapers is committed to quality & functional performance.

- Secure, internal key stash.

- Memory-Tech cord, engineered to absorb force and return to form.

- Free-flowing, tangle preventing swivels in durable nylon housing.

- New inside deluxe cuff, designed for ultra-comfort & anti-slip.

- Highest Marine Grade Stainless Steel Bearings. Break resistant.

- Premium ‘hook-it’ velcro system. Softer, lighter, stronger.

- Multi-wrap rail saver for board protection & security.

- Flexing horn eliminates pressure on leash & knee.

- Molded, easily located Rapid Release Tag.