Performance Thermotech 8" Center Fin

Performance Thermotech 8" Center Fin

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The Performance 8” Thermotech, utilizes an all-around template shape and can be used as a stand-alone center fin, or combined with side bites to be used as a 2 +1. Made in Huntington Beach, Thermotech fins do not have the traditional plastic feel of a composite fin. Instead, they have a consistent flex that creates drive and release through turns. Thermotech fins come with the Futures Truss Base, making them lighter and stronger.


·        Template Category | Performance Longboard

·        Construction | Thermotech

·        Size | Medium Longboard



·        Area: 31.43”

·        Height: 8.0”

·        Base: 5.55”

·        Foil: SYMM