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  • AWESOME PROTECTION: Simply slide this surfboard sock onto your board. It will help to protect from dings and UV rays that tend to yellow boards over time. It is lightweight, easy protection for your board. Keep your board from getting scuffed up in your car or while being transported.
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRIC: These board socks are made of high quality, well-made fabrics that are durable and work well and maintain their shape over time. They will not stretch out of shape or fall apart over time. These socks are meant to last and protect your board over time.
  • REINFORCED NOSE: The noses on these socks are reinforced to add a bit more protection. In addition, it will keep your sock in tact as it maintains durability and function.
  • BRIGHT COLORS: These colors are bright and eye-catching and range from grey to blue, white and gold stripes. Choose your favorite and get to transporting that board easily.
  • GREAT VARIETY OF SIZES: With so many different size options, it isn't hard to find the perfect sock for your board. We recommend a size at or just longer than your board length.